The police, Norwegian Customs, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will monitor compliance with the tag requirement, and inspections will be carried out along the road.

What will be subject to inspection?

  • A valid tag must be placed on the windscreen in accordance with instructions
  • The vehicle must have a tag that is valid for heavy vehicles
  • The vehicle must have a valid tag number which is linked to the registration number of the vehicle

How will inspections be carried out?

The Norwegian Public Roads Administrations will target heavy vehicles and business vehicles for toll tag inspections. Inspections will be carried out in the following ways:

  • Random inspections, also as part of ordinary roadside vehicle inspections. 

How does the inspector know that the vehicle has a valid electronic toll payment tag?

The inspector looks up the vehicle or the toll tag in a status list of valid toll tags for heavy vehicles. All the toll tag issuers in Norway and abroad that issue valid toll tags in Norway (AutoPASS and Brobizz toll tags from Brobizz AS and from the Øresund bridge) forward status lists of valid toll tags every evening. The next morning the toll tags are included on the status list used by the toll collection points and the inspection authorities.

How does the inspector know that a private car is used for social, domestic and private purposes so that I am not fined?

The inspector can see that the vehicle is registered to a private individual and is not carrying goods, does not have a logo on the vehicle or other signs that the vehicle is used for business purposes.

If you are unsure that the inspector will spot that this vehicle is used for social, domestic and private purposes, order a toll tag. The toll tag is free of charge, you only pay a deposit of NOK 200 which you get back if you sell the vehicle.

Will there be a problem with the inspection if I have several valid electronic toll payment tags for the vehicle?

On the inside of your front windscreen you may have any valid tag for heavy vehicles in Norway (AutoPASS or Brobizz toll tag from Brobizz AS or the Øresund bridge) that is linked to the vehicle’s registration number. These toll tags will appear on the inspector’s status list. You can only have one electronic toll payment tag on the inside of the front windscreen. If you have several electronic toll payment tags, the rest must be stored in radiation-tight packaging.

A breach of the regulation will entail a fine of NOK 8 000.  If the violation is repeated within a period of two years, a fine of NOK 16 000 will be imposed. The fine must be paid within three weeks even if you appeal, otherwise it will be increased by 50 per cent to NOK 12 000 or NOK 24 000.


You may appeal against a fine within three weeks. Use the complaint form (PDF) or submit your appeal by email or letter. The appeal must include your grounds for appealing, and you must attach relevant documentation to support this. Log in to “MinSide” or contact your toll road company to obtain the necessary documentation. Here is an example of relevant documentation (PDF) that you can obtain from your toll road company.

Send your appeal to the control authority that has imposed the fine:

  • Appeals to The Norwegian Public Roads Administration should be sent to Statens vegvesen.
  • Appeals to the police should be sent to the police district where the fine was imposed.
  • Appeals to The Norwegian Customs Authority should be sent to the customs region where the fine was imposed.

Applications to postpone payment or to split the payment should be sent to The Norwegian National Collection Agency.

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