An appeal related to errors in an invoice should be made in writing to the party that issued the invoice. This will be either a toll service provider or a toll charger.

If you have signed an agreement with a toll service provider, this agreement will specify the rights and obligations applying to you and the toll service provider in question. Individual toll transactions for vehicles without an agreement will be invoiced by the toll charger that owns the toll station where the toll transaction was generated. In such cases, the rights and obligations applying to you and the toll charger respectively are laid down in the Norwegian Regulations relating to the Payment of Road Tolls.

Disputes between a toll service provider / toll charger and a customer regarding invoices are subject to the provisions of the Norwegian Disputes Act concerning mediation and procedure in civil disputes.
When it comes to exemption schemes, application for exemption must be made to the toll chargers. An exemption decision is an individual decision pursuant to the Norwegian Public Administration Act and subject to appeal. This applies, for example, if the toll charger has rejected an application for exemption from tolls under the exemption scheme. The Directorate of Public Roads is the appellate instance.

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