Driving a foreign registered vehicle in Norway?

All foreign and domestic vehicles must pay road tolls in Norway.

Please note that there are special regulations for vehicles heavier than 3,500 kg. More information is available at Mandatory tag for all heavy commercial vehicles | AutoPASS

The following applies for all vehicles up to 3,500 kg.
You have three payment options:

Option 1:

Register a user agreement with a toll service provider and receive a toll tag. With this option the following will apply:

  • You receive a toll tag that must be mounted on the inside of the car’s windscreen
  • There will be only one toll charge per hour where the one-hour rule applies
  • There will be a monthly charge cap on your toll charges, where such a system is practised
  • You will receive discounted toll rates (applying to light vehicles up to 3,500 kg)
  • You will be charged the correct toll rate based on your vehicle’s environmental data (i.e. diesel, petrol, zero-emission etc.)
  • You will have different payment options, depending on which toll service provider you register with. Typical options are invoice and credit card.

If you choose this option, you should select one of the toll service providers listed here: https://www.autopass.no/en/user/contact-a-toll-service-provider/. The toll service provider will also register your car’s environmental data when you enter into a user agreement.

Please note:

It is not possible to get a toll tag for a passenger car at Norwegian border crossings. Toll tags are only available at the border for heavy vehicles above 3,500 kg. You are therefore encouraged to obtain a toll tag before driving to Norway.

Option 2:

Register an account with Epass24 without a tag. With this option the following will apply:

  • You will receive a toll charge from every toll station (no one-hour rule)
  • You will receive no discounted toll rates
  • There will be no monthly charge cap (no limit to monthly charges)
  • You will receive no reduced toll rates that otherwise apply to zero-emission vehicles
  • You may choose to receive invoices electronically so that you can see them wherever you are when away from you home address.
  • You will receive invoices sooner than if you choose Option 3
  • You will be charged the correct toll rate based on your fossil-fuel vehicle’s environmental data – provided that you also register your car’s environmental data separately at www.autopass.no/ed
  • You will have the option of payment via invoice or credit card

If you choose this option, you must register at www.epass24.com

Option 3:

Drive without taking any action. With this option, the following will apply:

  • You will receive a toll charge from every toll station (no one-hour rule)
  • You will receive no discounted toll rates
  • There will be no monthly charge cap (no limit to monthly charges)
  • You will receive no reduced toll rates that otherwise apply to zero-emission vehicles
  • You will be charged the highest toll rate for your class of vehicle. However, in order to be charged the correct toll rate you may register the car’s environmental data at www.autopass.no/ed without a user account.
  • The vehicle owner will receive invoices from Epass24 with options for payment via bank or credit card

You choose this option by not taking any action.

Some further details

Important points to keep in mind

Remember to terminate the user agreement with your toll service provider and to remove the tag from the vehicle if you sell the car. You are responsible for toll payments regardless of who uses the vehicle for as long as the agreement is valid.

Likewise, if you have registered with Epass24, remember to terminate your user agreement if you sell the vehicle.

Monthly charge cap

The monthly charge cap is practised in many of the toll road projects in AutoPASS. This is a limit to the number of toll charges you can be invoiced for within one calendar month. The actual limit varies among the toll systems.

For details on monthly charge caps, please see the information provided by the relevant toll charger:  https://www.autopass.no/en/user/kontakt-et-bompengeselskap/

Environmental data for foreign vehicles

The AutoPASS system registers and calculates the road toll to be charged after you pass an automated toll station.

The AutoPASS system needs to know your foreign vehicle's environmental data (e.g. Euro class and fuel type) in order to calculate the correct rate in toll stations where environment-differentiated rates apply. The vehicle’s environmental data must be registered to ensure that you obtain the correct toll rate. For foreign vehicles, follow the instructions given for the option that you have chosen among the ones listed above.

Anyone who has registered environmental data will obtain the correct environment-differentiated toll rate in those urban areas where this applies. However, in all other toll stations, only those who use a toll payment tag (Option 1) will be charged less for a zero-emission car than for conventionally fuelled vehicles. This is because the lower rate for electric vehicles outside urban areas is classified as a discount and not a toll rate, and discounts on road tolls are only granted to vehicles with a toll payment tag and a valid user agreement.

Failure to register will result in you being charged the highest toll rate for your class of vehicle.

Frequently asked questions about Epass24 and payments
Who has to pay tolls in Norway?

The vehicle owner or the holder of a user agreement, regardless of vehicle nationality, must pay tolls for driving on Norwegian toll roads. Read more about the rate groups here.

What is the legal basis for toll payment?

The legal basis for toll payment in Norway is Section 27 of the Norwegian Road Act (Veglova §27) and the Norwegian Regulations relating to the Payment of Road Toll (“Forskrift om betaling av bompenger”).

Why does Park Trade Europe (through the service Epass24) collect payment on toll roads in Norway?

In order to operate the toll collection efficiently, the toll chargers launched a joint call for tender to outsource the task of collecting payment from users of foreign vehicles that do not have a user agreement or toll payment tag. The tender process resulted in a contract with Park Trade Europe, which specializes in cross-border payments and debt collection. Park Trade Europe operates the Epass24 service for this purpose.

Why register foreign rental/leasing cars?

If you register, you as the renter/lessee will receive the invoice directly. If you do not register, the invoice will be sent to the rental/leasing company. The company may add administration fees to cover their cost of handling the invoice and collecting the amount from the renter/lessee. Please take care to only register for the period you are renting/leasing the vehicle, to avoid invoices for toll transactions generated by future renters/lessees.

Why register an Epass24 account for my own foreign car?

Registering for an Epass24 account will normally reduce the time from your journey(s) till you receive your invoice. Furthermore, you will have full control over where the invoices are sent, and be able to access your invoices, check due dates, view photos, register for e-mail delivery and make payment in due time when travelling. You may at any time register changes or cancel the registration. Please note that for vehicles over 3,500 kg, you must register with a toll service provider for a user agreement and mount a toll tag on the inside of the windscreen. Epass24 agreements cannot be used for heavy vehicles. Please find more information at Mandatory tag for all heavy commercial vehicles | AutoPASS

Do I need to make an international bank transfer in order to pay?

Normally not. Epass24 offers customers a choice of paying to a bank account in their local currency or to a Norwegian bank account. Payments can also be made by VISA or Mastercard at Epass24.com.

Do I need to make an international call if I have any questions for Epass24?

Yes, the customer service phone is a Swedish number +46 8 663 54 00. However, phone calls may not be the best way to obtain information. Please consider making contact online. Complaints about invoices should be made on the standard appeal form Epass24.com/appeal, for the staff to handle your case most efficiently.

Why did it take so long to receive the invoice after travelling in Norway?

Processing data and finding relevant information might take some time. Toll transactions are also put on hold for short periods to enable more toll transactions to be included in the same invoice.

Why does the invoice include photos of my car?

The photo is captured at an automatic toll station. If a vehicle does not have a valid toll tag, a picture of the licence plate is automatically taken in order to link the vehicle to its registered owner. The photos are included in the invoice to prove that the toll transaction took place.

I was driving at night. Why are the photos bright?

The brightness of the photo is auto adjusted in order to read the licence plate number.

I have received an invoice from Epass24, even though I had a valid toll tag. What happened?

In rare cases it may be that your valid toll tag was not registered. The invoice from Epass24 must be paid, using the payment methods on the invoice. The original invoice is for road tolls only, without any invoice fees.

How can I contact Epass24?

If you need assistance, contact https://www.epass24.com/customer-support
offering customer service in most European languages.

Customer support from Epass24

File an appeal here if you believe the toll charge is incorrect: https://www.epass24.com/appeal/

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