An AutoPASS user agreement gives you access to the discount scheme, the one-hour rule (only one charge per hour) and the monthly cap on toll transactions. You enter into this agreement with a toll service provider (tag issuer), and the company you sign the agreement with manages the payment of your toll transactions.

If you choose not to enter into an AutoPASS agreement, your toll transactions (i.e. when you pass a toll station) will be registered by the toll charger that owns the toll station you pass. The toll charger will send you an invoice for your toll transactions, and if you have passed toll stations owned by different toll chargers, you will receive one invoice from each toll charger.

Payment when you have a toll tag

When you have a user agreement, you will receive an invoice from the toll service provider with whom you have signed the agreement. When you pass a toll collection point, the transaction is automatically registered to your agreement. 

If you have questions concerning your toll payment agreement, invoices or other issues related to your customer agreement, please contact the toll service provider with whom you have an agreement.

Invoicing for all, whether or not you have a tag

After you have passed a toll station, you will receive an invoice for the toll transaction. If you do not pay within the deadline, you will receive a reminder/collection notice with a penalty charge at the applicable rate. If you fail to pay within the deadline, the invoice will be referred for debt collection. For information on toll rates, please contact a toll charger.

Payment without a toll payment tag

If you pass a toll station without having a tag and a user agreement, a photo will be taken of your vehicle registration number. You will receive an invoice by post for the regular toll rate, with no penalty charge, from the toll charger that owns the toll station you have passed.

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