Transfer of vehicle ownership

For sellers

When you sell a vehicle that has a toll payment tag and a user agreement, remember to cancel your agreement and also to remove the toll payment tag from the vehicle. Otherwise, you will be charged for toll transactions generated by the new owner until the termination of your agreement is registered. From the time when you terminate your agreement, it normally takes one to five business days for the termination to be registered in AutoPASS Samvirke, and you stop being charged for toll transactions.

For buyers

When you buy a vehicle, make sure that the seller has terminated his/her user agreement before you take over the vehicle. If this is not done, the seller can see the time and place of your toll transactions until the termination of the agreement is registered. It will not be possible for you to enter a new user agreement with the same toll service provider (tag issuer) that has an agreement with the seller for this vehicle, before the seller has terminated his/her agreement. It is in the seller's interest to terminate his/her user agreement so that (s)he is not charged for toll transactions generated after the sale.

Responsibility for toll payment with and without a user agreement (before the transfer is registered) 

Without a user agreement

The transfer of ownership will be entered in the Register of Motor Vehicles when all parties have signed the Notification of Sale. It is not possible to choose a time of day for the change of ownership, only on what date it will take place. The date on which the Notification of Sale is confirmed by all parties is the date of effect. This means that the buyer is responsible for paying for all toll transactions generated from the day when the Notification of Sale is registered, regardless of the time of day.

With a user agreement

A seller with a user agreement is responsible for paying all toll transactions until the agreement is registered as terminated. The seller must terminate the agreement by notifying the AutoPASS toll service provider with whom the seller has an agreement. Normally, it will take from one to five business days from the agreement has been terminated before the transfer of ownership is registered in AutoPASS Samvirke. 

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