Is the introduction of a mandatory toll tag related to any legal authority?

Yes. Act of 18th June 1965 no. 4 on road traffic sections 13, 31 and 31a and the Regulation on the requirement for use of electronic payment units in motor vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.

Who does the order apply to?

The toll tag is mandatory for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes registered or leased by a company, state, municipalities, county municipalities and vehicles registered to private individuals and used for business activities. The tag is not mandatory for campervans and other vehicles registered to individuals and that are only used for social, domestic and private purposes. 

What is meant by business activities?

Business means activities suited to providing a net income.

Where does the order apply?

On the whole of the Norwegian public road network. It is of no significance whether there are any toll collection points where the vehicle is being used.

What is meant by the toll tag must be linked to the vehicle?

It is the contract for the toll tag that links the tag number and the vehicle’s registration number. If you move the toll tag to another vehicle the contract must be amended. A charge is made at inspections if the toll tag number is linked to another registration number. The registration number can be changed in MinSide at your toll road operator.

Does the limit of 3,500 kg apply to the vehicle's net vehicle weight or permissible maximum weight?

It applies to permissible maximum weight. Vehicles exceeding 3,500 kg permissible maximum weight as shown in the vehicle registration certificate must enter into a toll tag contract for a heavy vehicle and pay toll rates for a heavy vehicle.

What type of private cars must have a toll tag?

Only cars registered to private individuals and that are used for business purposes. Business means activities suited to providing a net income. As an example, transport in connection with ones business as a farmer, on behalf of an employer or suited to obtaining payment. If you are in doubt, get an electronic toll payment toll tag. You only pay a deposit of NOK 200 which is repaid if you sell the vehicle. The order does not apply to motorhomes, SUVs and other private vehicles that are solely used for social, domestic and private purposes.

If I am uncertain about wether the private vehicle is used for business purposes, what should I do?

If you are unsure, we recommend that you obtain an electronic toll payment tag to avoid any uncertainty during an inspection. This applies whether you complete a vehicle log book or not.

What types of vehicles have been granted an exemption and do not require a toll tag?

The order does not apply to tractors or motorised equipment. Similarly the order does not apply to vehicles connected to NATO military headquarters, foreign NATO forces and forces participating in Partnership for Peace, nor does the order apply to vehicles adapted for military purposes that are owned by the Norwegian Armed Forces. Vehicles must pay road tolls even if the toll tag is not mandatory.

Do motorhomes have to have a toll tag?

Motorhomes registered to an individual and used solely for social, domestic and private purposes do not need a toll tag, but motorhomes that are in addition used for business purposes must have a toll tag. Motorhomes that are rented or leased and used solely for social, domestic and private purposes must have a toll tag because the company renting or leasing the vehicle is using the motorhome for business purposes.

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