Can I obtain a tag at the border?

We recommend that you order a tag to be sent by post so that you have time to attach it to your windscreen before you arrive in Norway. You may get AutoPASS tag at customs and ferries along the Norwegian border.

Can I register my contract in advance before collecting my tag at the border?

You can register everything in advance except the tag number, but the contract enters into force only when the tag number is assigned at the border.  If you register in advance, you will speed up the process of getting a valid tag contract at the border. The person authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of your company can ensure that the vehicle and company information are correct. 

Is my foreign tolltag valid in Norway?

Valid tags in Norway: AutoPASS and approved tags in the EasyGo partnership between Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Austria. There is no Swedish tags. The toll tag must be linked to the vehicle’s registration number.

I need to travel to Norway and the tag has not arrived by mail yet, what should I do?

Drive to the border, get a tag and install it as described in the brochure. Contact the toll company and ask them to release the cars registration number from the tag posted by mail. Register an agreement for the tag you received at the border as described in the brochure delivered with the tag.

May I get the invoice for a tag agreement in my language?

The invoice in only in Norwegian. Road toll is to be paid in Norwegian krone (NOK) to a Norwegian bank account.

Contact information

If you have questions about your agreement, get in touch via:

Chat: Fremtind Service (weekdays at 08:00–18:00)

Phone: 22 98 40 00 (weekdays at 09:00–15:00)

Phoning from abroad: +47 22 98 40 00 (weekdays at 09:00–15:00)

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