How much does the toll tag cost?

The AutoPASS tag is free. You only pay a deposit of NOK 200 which is shown on the first invoice and that will be repaid if you sell the vehicle and return the tag to the toll road operator. The toll tag gives a 20% discount for tariff group 1 and no discount for tariff group 2 at most of the toll collection points.

Do I get a discount when I have a contract?

All valid toll tags in tariff group 1 are automatically given the toll tag discount at most of the toll road facilities in Norway. It is usually 20% discount per pass. Some places have one-hour rules and monthly caps for how many passes are charged and this then applies both to tariff group 1 and tariff group 2. With some toll road operators you can enter into a contract for higher discounts with prepayment. See discount schemes at the various toll road operators.

How often will I get an invoice?

This depends on which toll road operator you have a contract with and whether you have a contract for prepayment or post-payment for the electronic toll payment tag. Check your toll road operator’s website for more information.

Where can I make a complaint regarding the invoice?

You must contact the toll road operator you received the invoice from. You should log into “MinSide” on the website of the toll road operator to see the time, place and price for all the passes stipulated on the invoice before you make a complaint.

What happens if I don't pay the tolls?

Toll tags with a post-payment contract are blocked when the invoice is forwarded for debt collection or the credit limit has been exceeded. Toll tags with a prepayment contract are blocked when the prepayment has been used up. When the toll tag has been blocked it no longer appears on the status list for valid toll tags. During an inspection you will not be registered with a valid contract, and you will be fined.

I drove without an electronic toll payment tag at a toll collection point, will I be fined?

No, you will not be fined if you were not stopped in an inspection.

Contact information

If you have questions about your agreement, get in touch via:

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