The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is withdrawing from the EasyGO agreement and cooperation, with a transition period lasting until 31 March 2022. Toll transactions generated with a tag from a Norwegian AutoPASS toll service provider at a foreign toll charging facility will not be transferred in AutoPASS Samvirke after 1 March 2022. Norwegian toll service providers who still wish their tag to work for example on the Øresund Bridge or on Storebælt will have to apply to the Directorate of Roads for EETS approval, and apply to the individual toll charger for approval as a toll service provider.

During the transition period, the following will apply to toll service providers who have been approved in AutoPASS Samvirke and who are also EasyGO service providers:

  • Toll payment tags in use in Norway at the turn of the year will still be valid in Norway and the tags may remain on the status list.
  • All approved toll service providers in AutoPASS Samvirke must switch to connecting to AutoPASS HUB. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is in direct dialogue with affected toll service providers about this.
  • From 1 January 2022, all remuneration of toll service providers in Norway must comply with the rate specified in the Toll Service Provider Regulations, of 1.75 % per toll transaction generated, and not remuneration to toll service providers under the EasyGO Agreement.

After the transition period, all toll service providers who choose to use the EasyGO HUB must cover transaction costs themselves.

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