Whom should I contact if I have questions about my toll tag agreement?

Raise any questions about your toll tag agreement directly with the toll service provider you have an account with. For inquiries about how to enter into an agreement and get a toll tag, contact the toll service provider you want to sign up with. Click here for an overview of the toll road operators and their contact information.

If you are not sure which company you have signed up with, you can find out looking at your invoice. All the toll service providers have a website where you can log in to your account and manage your toll tag agreement. 

How do the toll stations work in Norway?

There are approximately 332 toll toll stations in Norway at which you can pay using the AutoPASS toll tag. All of these are marked "AutoPASS". In automatic AutoPASS plazas you drive straight through without stopping with or without a tag.


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How can I obtain an AutoPASS on-board unit (tag)?

You must enter into a contract with a toll service provider and pay a deposit of NOK 200 for the tag.

You can order a tag and enter into a contract online: You select the company with whom you want to have a contract from the overview of toll road companies The tag arrives by mail.

Which toll tags may be used in Norway, and where can the AutoPASS tag be used?

In addition to the AutoPASS tag, tags from BroBizz and ØresundBizz tags may be used in Norway.

The Autopass tag may be used in facilities affiliated with EasyGo.

Are motorbikes required to pay tolls in Norway?

Motorbikes do not pay tolls in Norge. Exceptions are on certain ferries. 

What do I do when I have driven through a toll station without paying?

All toll stations in Norway are automatic. You can drive through them without stopping even if you do not have a tag.

If you are driving without a tag:

  • A photograph is taken of the registration number of all cars that drive through without a tag. An invoice is sent to the vehicle owner by post and with no additional charge. This also applies to foreign vehicles.


How do I sign a company contract?

Both Norwegian and foreign companies can sign a company contract. A company contract makes it possible to link several vehicles to one contract; however, there must be an on-board unit (tag) in each vehicle. This type of company contract is given to industrial and public transport companies, and is linked to an organization number.

See more information about Compulsory tag for all heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes


Do you have questions about the compulsory tag?

See FAQ about the compulsory tag.

How do I use MyPage?

We have made a user manual as you will find here: www.autopass.no/en/guide-to-mypage