Main contract

As a new AutoPASS user you must enter into a main contract with a toll road operator that issues tags. You will then get a discount when you pass through the toll stations that the company operates. In addition, most toll roads in Norway offer a tag discount (usually 10%).

Supplementary contract

If you want to get a discount on other toll roads, you can enter into additional contracts with other toll road operators. The discounts vary from road to road.

Two types of payment

With regard to payment, there are two types of contract: pre-paid and post-paid. Some operators offer both types of contract, others only one. See information on which agreement types that are offered for the various toll roads on the toll road operators' websites.

Pre-paid contract

You pay an amount in advance. When you drive through a toll plaza, the toll charge is deducted from this amount. When your account approaches zero, you will be sent a new invoice for payment. If you drive without a valid contract, you will not receive a discount when driving through a toll plaza, but will have to pay the full price. 

Post-paid contract

Toll passages that you have undertaken to be registered on your contract. You will receive an invoice for passages within a particular period. The frequency of invoicing varies from one operator to another. Contact your toll road operator.