With an AutoPASS agreement, you receive invoices from the toll road operator with which you have entered into the agreement. When you pass tolls, they are automatically registered on your agreement.

There are two ways of paying: you can pay a certain amount in advance or pay invoices, which are sent in arrears. Some toll road operators offer both forms of payment; others offer only one. Read more about the different types of contract.

If you have enquiries concerning your contract, invoice or other questions related to your customer relationship, contact the toll road operator your contract applies to. 

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You can set up a user account on the website of the toll road operator with whom you have an AutoPASS contract. This will provide you with an overview of your passages through a toll plaza and the balance on your account and with the opportunity to notify a change of address and put in a New registration number if you change Your vehicle.

After passaging you will receive an invoice. If the invoice is not paid within due date you will receive a reminder with a reminder fee of the valid rate. If the reminder is not paid within due date, the invoice will be send to debt collectors.


If you drive without a tag agreement, a photo will be taken of your car's registration number and you will receive an invoice in the post for a regular access charge.