Please note the following:

Without an AutoPASS contract

  • No discount when passing toll collection points; full rate applies
  • Invoices are issued from each individual toll road area; no consolidated invoice for all road toll transactions
  • No hourly and monthly caps, a scheme that would be very useful if you are driving in Oslo and Stavanger.

If you have a vehicle registered in another country than Norway, you will get an invoice from the EPC. The invoice will be sent by mail to the address at which the vehicle is registered or by e-mail if you have registered your vehicle with the EPC.

The advantages of an AutoPASS contract

If you have an AutoPASS contract you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 20 % discount on all toll transactions. The discount is only for vehicles under 3.500 kg and motorhomes/RVs and other vehicles in the M1 category
  • All toll transactions in one invoice
  • Motorhomes/RVs and other vehicles in the M1 category are charged as passenger car
  • You get a 10% discount on a number of ferries in Norway. You can also prepay and receive up to 50% discount
  • The AutoPASS tag can be used on bridges and ferries in Sweden and Denmark
  • Hourly and monthly payment caps in areas that have this scheme
  • Access to My Page with a full overview of your AutoPASS contract, all your toll transactions and invoices.

You only pay a deposit of NOK 200 for the AutoPASS tag. You will get your money back if you cancel your contract. There is no annual or monthly fee; you only pay for toll transactions.

How to obtain an AutoPASS contract

You can easily get an AutoPASS contract electronically via My Page – Customer service – Contact toll service provider.

Remember to terminate the AutoPASS tag if you sell your vehicle or you plan not to visit Norway soon. If not, you risk paying for the new owner’s use of toll roads.

Do I need an AutoPASS contract if I am not going to stay in Norway for a long time?

If you plan to stay in Norway for a limited period of time, you may use Vistiors’ payment, which is only useful for vehicles not registered in Norway. However, if you have a motorhome/RV or other vehicle in the M1 class, you might consider signing an AutoPASS contract in order to get the benefit of paying as for a passenger car. If you plan to drive in Oslo, you might consider getting an AutoPASS contract to get the benefit of paying only once for all toll transaction within an hour.

Benefits of using Visitors’ payment:

  • Register your own car, or rental/leasing car
  • Add payment cards for invoices to be paid automatically
  • Decide whether to receive invoice by email or regular mail
  • You do not need an AutoPASS tag.

NB! Visitors’ payment does not give you AutoPASS discounts. It works only in Norway. You pay manually on foreign bridges and ferries.

How to get an account:

... and you are good to go!