If you have enquiries concerning your contract, invoice or other questions related to your customer relationship, contact the toll road operator your contract applies to.

If you're unsure of which toll road operator your contract applies to, you can verify this on invoices you have received earlier.

Here is contact information for the toll road operators

Obtain supplementary contract with other toll road operators

If you already have an AutoPASS tag, this means that you already have a main contract with the toll road operator that has issued your tag. In addition to the main contract, you may establish additional supplementary contracts with other toll road operators to obtain greater discounts in other toll roads.

Below is an overview of all toll roads in Norway. You may choose one of these to see which toll stations that are affiliated with which toll roads and which prices that apply. If you want to establish a supplementary agreement with the toll road operator, click the link to the toll road operator's own website. You may also contact the toll road operator for more information on supplementary contracts.