In order to log in, you have to have an e-mail address.

  • Norwegian private – and business customers and those who have a D-number need to use “Log in”.
  • If you do not have a Norwegian social security number or a D-number you must use log in through “Users outside Norway”.
  • Changing the language at the bottom of the page is possible.

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If you chose «Log in» you will need to choose one of the following personal IDs.

When using personal ID as an authentication service there are several options to choose between; you can for example use MINID, BANKID, BANKID on MOBILE etc.

If you want to access your companies’ AutoPASS-page, you need to log in with your personal ID. After you log in you will have the option of choosing your companies profile. If the company profile is not visible after logging in, you need to be given declarant rights in Altinn. Your CEO can grant you these rights in Altinn.

Should problems arise and you are not able to log in you can click “Help to log in” at the bottom of the page. If you are still having difficulties logging in you can contact the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi).

Elektronic ID EN

If you do not have an electronic ID you must first register as a “New user”.

An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you register, this e-mail will contain a confirmation link. Once the link has been confirmed, you will need to log in. 

Foreign user EN

After logging in you must fill out the information that may be missing.

If there are any agreements connected to the e-mail you registered these will come up after you click “Save profile”. 

Edit profile EN

Alternative login

During future logins without using electronic ID you must confirm your identity by a one-time code which is sent to your registered phone number. 

Alternative login EN

After you have successfully logged in your name and any companies that you have access to will be displayed. To access them, all you need to do is click “Proceed”.

Declarants EN


The first time you log in you will be asked whether you already have an agreement with a toll company.

  • If you do not already have an agreement and want to create a new one choose “No, I wish to create a new agreement.”
  • However, if you already have an AutoPASS-agreement you can choose “Yes, I have one or more agreements with another email address.”

Do you have an agreement EN

If you chose to create a new agreement, you will need to fill in the missing information. After the form is completed, you will be able to order an AutoPASS-tag.

Create agreement EN

Add vehicle

When you want to add your vehicle, you must first input the country code of your vehicle. After you have filled in your registration number, owner information is only displayed for Norwegian registered vehicles. In order to add a vehicle, you must also read and accept the terms and conditions. You also have the option of adding an invoice reference that will be displayed on your future invoices. Furthermore, you can also choose detailed invoice, with a detailed invoice you will receive an additional printout which lists all your passages during the invoice period. 

Add vehicle new agreement EN

Register the environmental data of your vehicle

You must enter your e-mail address and you can also enter your AutoPASS account number. With EPC you need to register the environmental data of your vehicle. Foreign cars must also register with EPC. You can use the following link to register

EPC screenshot EN

If you chose “Yes, I have one or more agreements with another e-mail address” you will be able to search for agreements registered to your e-mail address. You can also use your old customer number and password if you for some reason do not remember or have access to the registered e-mail address. If you enter an e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link that needs to be confirmed.

Should you not have access to your registered e-mail or your customer number, you must contact your toll service provider. 

Find agreement EN

After the e-mail has been confirmed and if any agreements were connected to the e-mail address, they will now be connected to your account. Once they have been connected to your account, you will be able to access and make changes to the agreements. 

Agreement connection attempted EN

Should you receive the error message “Incorrect Agreement type” the e-mail you have entered is connected to a company agreement. It is not possible to join a company agreement to a private agreement. Should you wish to make changes to a company agreement, you must change declarants and have declarant rights in Altinn.

Side menu EN

Once the agreements have been connected, you will have access to the above menu. You can use this list to navigate your page and select the categories that you need.

The accounts tab lets you see what type of agreement you have and with which toll company.

  • You can also see the registration number of your vehicle, by clicking “Show details” you are able to see further details about your agreement.
  • Above the accounts tab you can use “Find agreements” if you have additional agreements you want to connect to your user.
  • Create agreement” allows you to create a new agreement.
  • Edit profile” lets you edit your profile like your address. 

Accounts without details EN

Show details

If you clicked “Show details” under the accounts tab, you will be able to see details about the registered vehicle. It is also possible to add an invoice reference. The invoice reference will be displayed on future invoices. By ticking the box “Tick here if you want detailed invoice” future invoices will contain a detailed print out which shows the date, time, and toll stations the vehicle has passed through.

Agreement details EN

Edit profile

Edit profile lets you change your e-mail, phone number and address. It is not possible to change name or date of birth; if you have for example changed your name, you must contact your toll service provider. 

Edit profile EN

The “Tags and vehicles” tab gives you several options. You will be able to see all the tags and vehicles registered to your agreements, and it is also possible to create a “Supplementary agreement”. Supplementary agreements are agreements that you create in addition to your main agreement. By creating a supplementary agreement, you will receive another invoice from the toll company you create the supplementary agreement with. In most cases, a supplementary agreement is not necessary, but some toll companies require a supplementary agreement to achieve the maximal discount offered. Export to file lets you create an excel document that displays all the registered tags and vehicles on your agreement. The “Tags and vehicles” tab also lets you add another vehicle, move your tag to a new car or remove the vehicle from your tag.

Tags and vehicles EN

Add vehicle

By choosing “Add vehicle” you will be able to register a new vehicle to your already existing agreement. You must first select the correct country code for your vehicle, then add the registration number. Information about the vehicle and registered owner is displayed after you input the registration number. Your next step is to choose whether you would like to add the vehicle to an existing account or whether you would like a separate invoice for the vehicle. If you have more than one account, you must choose which account you would like to add the vehicle to. Before you can save and confirm you must read and accept the terms and conditions. 


Add vehicle EN

Move tag to another vehicle

If you have for example bought a new vehicle and would like to use an existing tag you can use “Move tag to another vehicle”. You must first choose which tag you would like to move, then input the country code and registration number of the car. Information about the vehicle and its owner is displayed. This gives you the opportunity to check whether the registration number you have entered is correct or not. If the vehicle is not Norwegian owner information and details will not be displayed. For foreign vehicles this information must be added manually. It is not possible to backdate a vehicle change more than three days.  

Move Tag EN

Remove vehicle

If you have a vehicle with a tag that you would like to remove from your agreement you can choose “Remove vehicle”. After you have chosen which vehicle to remove you have two options, you can either “Settle tag deposit”, this means that the tag deposit will be refunded to your account. If you instead choose “Reuse the tag” the tag will be put on hold, and it can be registered to a new vehicle at a later date.

Remove vehicle EN

The tab “Invoices” allows you to see your invoices. If you would like only to see invoices in a certain time period, you can select a different date at the top. By clicking one of the invoice lines, you will be able to see payment information (KID, account number, amount, etc.). “Go to passages” will provide you with a list of all the passages registered on the invoice. “Show invoice” will display a PDF copy of the invoice. If an invoice is paid “Invoice paid” will displayed on “Invoice status”. Invoices that have not been paid will have status “Invoice sent”. However, if the invoice has gone past its due date, the status will change to “Invoice stopped. New reminder has been created”. It will not be possible to see the passages associated with reminders. However, the original invoice will still be displayed and it will be possible to see the passages there. 

Invoices EN

Go to passages

If you chose “Go to passages” you will get an overview over all registered passages on the invoice. The overview displays date, time, vehicle, toll road operator, toll plaza name and rate. You also have the possibility of exporting the passages to an excel file.

Passages spesific invoice EN

Passages in a specific period 

For passages in a specific period and not passages for a specific invoice you can use the passages tab. Passages can only be displayed for one month at a time. Should you need passages for a longer time period you can export the files one at a time or you can contact your toll service provider. 

Passages EN

The tab «Customer service» displays the “Frequently asked questions”. Often your inquiry may be solved by reading the “Frequently asked questions”. If the frequently asked questions do not solve your problem you can also contact your toll company. On the right hand side you can choose your toll company and contact information will be displayed.

Customer service Engelsk

Contact us

When you use the «Contact us» feature you will be able to create an inquiry with your toll company. If you would like you can also include an attachment to your case.

Contact us engelsk