Where can I subscribe to an AutoPASS contract?

With a toll road operator. On the page compulsory tag for all heavy commercial vehicles there is a link to an order form for a contract with Fjellinjen and to the websites of other toll road operators.

How do I sign a contract?

You You simply complete a form on the net and receive the toll tag in the post. The form is the contract linking the toll tag to the vehicle’s registration number. 

What does the error message mean?

Latin letters only.

Which toll road operator have I got a contract with?

The name is included on the invoice for road tolls. Those that collect a toll tag along the border or order a toll tag using the form in many languages at autopass.no receive a contract with Fjellinjen AS. Alternatively you may contact any toll road operator and state the number printed on your tag and they will find out for you. 

How do I know that my toll tag is valid?

You can check if your contract is valid on “Min side” of the toll road operator with whom you have entered into a contract.

What do I have to do if I buy or sell a heavy vehicle?

The seller must remove the toll tag from the vehicle and remove the toll tag from the contract via “MinSide” or by contacting the road toll operator that delivered the toll tag. The buyer must subscribe to a contract and obtain a toll tag before collecting the vehicle. The toll tag must be linked to the vehicle’s registration number and must be installed on the inside of the front windscreen before driving away. 

How do I change the registration number in the contract?

You can change this on “Min Side”, or telephone, use webchat or send an e-mail to the toll road operator you have contract with You must change the contract at once when you transfer the toll tag to another heavy vehicle, otherwise the vehicle will be fined at an inspection.

Can I attach a toll tag in the windscreen, but wait till later to enter into or change the toll tag contract?

No, not if you want to avoid fines. The toll tag number must be linked to the registration number of the vehicle before being stopped at an inspection. 

How do I terminate a contract?

You can terminate a contract ousing “Min Side” or by making direct contact with the toll road operator who supplied the toll tag. If you are a customer with, for example, Fjellinjen you can contact them on telephone number 22984000, chat or the contact form on fjellinjen.no. You will need to return the toll tag to the toll road operator and get back your NOK 200 deposit. 

Contact information

Phone: 22 98 40 00 (weekdays at 09:00–15:00)

Phoning from abroad: +47 22 98 40 00 (weekdays at 09:00–15:00)

fremtindservice.no/kundeservice/ (weekdays at 08:00–18:00)

For information regarding your contract, contact your toll road operator (PDF)