Where do I sign an AutoPASS contract?

You can do this with a toll road operator in Norway. At www.autopass.no (mandatory tag for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes) there are links to order forms for agreements with Fjellinjen and to the websites of other toll road operators.  Visit www.easygo.com for information on foreign tags that are valid in Norway (Nordic page).

How do I sign a contract?

You complete a simple online form and receive the tag through the post. The form constitutes the contract that links the tag to the vehicle registration number.

What does the error message mean?

Only Latin letters.

With which road toll operator do I have an agreement?

The name appears on the invoices for toll fees. Subscribers who contract for tags along the border or who order tags by means of foreign-language forms via autopass.no will have their contract with Fjellinjen AS. Otherwise, you can contact any toll road operator and give them the number printed on your tag; they will be able to inform you of the company you have a contract with.

How do I know that my contract is valid?

You can check whether your contract is valid at "Min side"[My Page] on the website of the road toll operator with whom you have a contract.  At toll plazas a green light means a valid contract. The light signals may vary between the different toll plazas ‒ contact your operator if you are in any doubt.

What am I required to do if I buy or sell a heavy goods vehicle?

The seller must take the tag out of the vehicle and remove the tag from the agreement by visiting "Min Side" [My Page] or by contacting the road toll operator with whom the contract is held. The buyer must sign a contract and obtain a toll tag before assuming possession of the vehicle. The tag must be linked to the vehicle's registration number and must be attached to the windscreen before the vehicle can be driven.

How do I change the registration number on the contract?

You can change this on “Min Side” [My Page] or contact the toll road operator with whom you have signed a contract by telephone, web chat or e-mail. You must amend the contract as soon as you transfer the tag to another heavy goods vehicle, otherwise the vehicle will be fined when it is checked.

May I attach the tag to the windscreen, but wait to sign a contract or change a tag contract?

No, not if you want to avoid a fine. The tag number must be linked to the vehicle's registration number before the vehicle is stopped and checked. 

How can I terminate a contract?

You may terminate a contract on “Min Side” [My Page] or by contacting your toll road operator directly. If you are a customer of Fjellinjen, for example, you can contact them at telephone number 02050, webchat or by using the contact form at fjellinjen.no. You must return the tag to your toll road operator for a refund of your NOK 200 deposit.

How soon will I be given a green light at the toll plazas?

The toll tag contract is valid from when it is signed, but you may be shown a white light or no light at toll plazas in the first 24 hours. It may take 24 hours from the signing of the contract to its being recorded on the status list at toll plazas that indicate a green light as you pass through. Contact your toll road operator if the signal still fails to show green after the first 24 hours.

Contact information

Phone: 22 98 40 00 (Monday–Friday 9 am–3 pm)

From abroad, call: +47 22 98 40 00 (Monday–Friday 9 am–3 pm)

www.fjellinjen.no/chat (Monday–Friday 8 am–8 pm)

For information about your contract, contact the Toll Road Operator with whom you have a contract.