Does the introduction of the compulsory tag have any legal basis?

Yes. The Road Traffic Act no. 4 of 18 June 1965, Sections 13, 31 and 31a and Regulation on the requirement for use of electronic payment units in motor vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.

To whom does the provision apply?

The toll tag is mandatory for all commercial vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes and are owned or leased by business enterprises, the government, municipalities, county municipalities, as well as vehicles owned or leased by private individuals and used in commercial activity.  The tag is not mandatory for caravans and other vehicles that are privately owned and are used solely for private purposes.    

What is meant by business activity?

By business we mean any activity which has the purpose of generating a net Income.

Where does the tag provision apply?

The provision applies throughout the Norwegian public road network. It makes no difference whether or not there are toll plazas where the vehicle is to be driven.

What does it mean that the tag must be linked to the vehicle?

The tag contract links the tag number with the vehicle registration number. If the tag is transferred to another vehicle, the contract must be amended.  A fine will be levied if a controller discovers that your tag number is linked with a different vehicle registration number. The registration number can be changed on MinSide [My page] of your toll road operator’s website.

Does the 3,500 kg requirement mean the vehicle's specific weight or total permissible weight?

It means the vehicle's total permissible weight. Any vehicle that has more than 3,500 kg total permissible weight registered in the vehicle registration card must sign a toll tag contract in the heavy goods category and pay the toll fee that applies for heavy goods vehicles.

Which private vehicles must have the tag?

Only private vehicles used for commercial activity. Vehicles owned by private individuals that are used for business activity must also have a tag. By business activity, we mean activity intended to yield net income, for example, transport in conjunction with a person’s own farming activity, on behalf of an employer or other transport service compensated by payment.  If you are in doubt, get the toll tag. You pay only a NOK 200 deposit that you can have refunded if you sell the vehicle. The tag requirement does not apply to recreational vehicles, SUVs and other private vehicles that are used only for private purposes.

If I am uncertain whether my private vehicle is used for commercial purposes, what should I do?

If you are uncertain we recommend that you obtain a toll tag to avoid any uncertainty if you are stopped for a check. This applies whether or not you keep a driver’s log.

What exceptions apply?

The provision does not apply to tractors or utility vehicles. Correspondingly, the provision does not apply to vehicles connected to NATO military headquarters, foreign NATO forces or forces which are part of the Partnership for Peace. Neither does the provision apply to vehicles suitable for military purposes that are owned by the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Must caravans have the tag?

Privately owned caravans used only for private purposes do not need to have a toll tag, whereas caravans that are also used in commercial activity must have the tag. Caravans that are hired or leased must have the tag because the leasing company uses the caravan in commercial activity.  

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