All Norwegian and foreign vehicles with a total permitted weight exceeding 3.5 tons registered to a business, government, county municipality or municipality, or which in other ways is used for business, must for all operation on public roads be equipped with a valid toll tag linked to a valid agreement for the payment of tolls in Norway.

  • The tag must be linked vehicle's registration number by agreement, and must be installed in the vehicle in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • The owner of the vehicle, driver or lessee is responsible for entering into an agreement and installing a toll tag.
  • Violations of the order are punishable by a fine of NOK 8,000. More on inspections and fines.
  • The following tags are valid in Norway: AutoPASS, BroBizz from Øresund and Storebælt and AutoBizz from Scandlines.

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Receive tag by post

You can receive the AutoPASS tag in the post by entering into an agreement online. It takes approximately one week from the time you enter into an agreement until you receive the tag by post. International post may take longer.

Obtain a tag at the border

You may also obtain an AutoPASS tag at customs stations along the border and at international ferry ports. The tag is not valid until you have entered into an agreement, and you must enter into an agreement before driving in Norway (but after you have obtained the tag).


Distribution Points for Toll Tags – Customs office at the border

Also see

Frequently asked questions about mandatory tags

Both Fjellinjen's customer service and the NPRA will respond to enquiries concerning mandatory tags for heavy vehicles.

Contact Fjellinjen:

  • Telephone from Norway: 02050
  • Telephone from abroad: +47 21 03 17 64
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09.00–15.00
  • Fjellinjen Chat: Monday–Friday 08.00–20.00

Contact Statens vegvesen:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 02012
  • Phone from abroad: + 47 91 50 2012
  • Opening hours: Monday–Friday, 08.00–15.30

For more information about your agreement, please contact your toll road operator.