For sellers

When you sell a vehicle that has an AutoPASS contract, remember to cancel your contract and remove the toll payment tag from the vehicle. Otherwise, you will be charged for toll transactions incurred by the new owner until the termination of your contract is registered. This follows from the AutoPASS terms of agreement. You should never give up your vehicle until an online Notification of Sale has been completed by you and the person buying your car. See more about confirming the Notification of Sale at

For buyers

When you buy a vehicle, make sure that the seller has cancelled his/her AutoPASS contract before you take over the vehicle. If this is not done, the seller can see the time and place of toll transactions until the termination of the contract is registered. It may be difficult for you to enter a new AutoPASS contract with the same tag issuer as in the seller’s contract, before the seller has terminated his/her contract. It is in the seller's interest to terminate the contract so that (s)he is not charged for toll transactions after the sale.

Responsibility for tolls on the date of sale

The transfer of ownership is registered in the Register of Motor Vehicles when all parties have signed the Notification of Sale. Ownership is transferred from one day to the next, not at a particular time of day. The date on which the Notification of Sale is confirmed by all parties is the date of effect. This means that if the takeover and the parties' signing of the online Notification of Sale takes place at 17:00, the buyer will be responsible for paying for all toll transactions on this date (for vehicles not covered by an AutoPASS agreement) as this is the date of effect. Sellers will be responsible for paying for all toll transactions on this date of takeover/Notification of Sale if they have not cancelled their Autopass contract for the vehicle.

Make specific arrangements for toll payment on the day of the purchase

If the seller and buyer want tolls to be paid by the party that actually passes the toll collection point on the date of sale, this should be specified in the purchase contract. If no such specific agreement has been made, it may be difficult for the party who receives an invoice for toll transactions on the date of the sale to get the other party to refund the expense. The amount of toll that may be charged to the buyer for a vehicle that does not have an AutoPASS contract at the time of the takeover, or to the seller who does have an AutoPASS contract at the time of the takeover, will depend on how many toll transactions the other party has incurred on the takeover date.