With the Road Toll Reform as described in Report No. 25 to the Storting (2014–2015), the role as AutoPASS service provider is clarified and made independent of Norwegian toll road companies.

The purpose of the new arrangement is to avoid cross-subsidising and to facilitate increased efficiency, usability and service development in the Norwegian toll road domain.

The Toll service provider Regulation states that any company or other legal entity that meets the given requirements for approval will be granted the right to conclude agreements with Norwegian toll chargers (toll road companies or ferry operators). The new regulation entered into force 1 January 2019. See Utstederforskriften (Lovdata) or Toll service provider Regulation. Unofficial English translation (PDF)

In 2018, almost NOK 11 billion were collected on Norwegian toll roads through 62 road toll projects. The toll revenues stem from approximately 657 million toll transactions, and approximately 80% of these transactions are collected through toll service provider arrangements. The user agreement between the toll service provider and an end user gives the end user benefits such as discounted toll rates, one-hour rule, monthly ceiling and one bill for all toll transactions.

The Ministry of Transport and Communication sets the rates for the remuneration. Currently the rate is 1.75 % of the toll transaction amount.

12.09.2019 - The following documents are now published under “Documentation for potential AutoPASS service providers:”

  • Template for the exchange of personal information (in Norwegian only -«Avtale om utveksling av personopplysninger»).
  • 4.5 Security Architecture for AutoPASS
  • 5.6 Test strategy - AutoPASS TSP Suitability for use
  • 5.5 OBE Test Description - AutoPASS TSP Suitability for use

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) are planning to publish a new version of the Domain Statement for AutoPASS Samvirke in the near future.



23.08.2019 - Requirements for OBE is now published. See document "4.7 Requirements for On-board Equipment (OBE) for use in AutoPASS Samvirke".

07.05.2019 - It is not necessary to apply for a license as a finance company when providing toll service provision in AutoPASS Samvirke. This is the result of a change adopted in the Norwegian legislation for finance companies in parallel with the adoption of the Toll service provider Regulation. This change will be made available at the Norwegian legislative database shortly.

April 2019 - There is currently ongoing work on changes related to the provisions in the domains statement and the required documentation in the application forms published at this page. For further information and clarifications before drafting an application, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration request potential applicants to contact the NPRA through bribye@vegvesen.no

December 2018 - Relevant information for companies seeking to operate as AutoPASS service provider is provided below. The Toll service provider Regulation was adopted by Royal decree of 14 December 2018. The new rules will enter into force 1 January 2019. See Utstederforskriften (Lovdata) or Toll service provider Regulation. Unofficial English translation (PDF)

29.06.2018 - Briefing on the Norwegian marked for Toll Service Providers (PDF)