There are approximately 250 toll collection points in Norway where you can pay using an AutoPASS tag. All these toll collection points are marked with “AutoPASS”.

The only manual toll collection point in Norway where you are not able to use the AutoPASS tag when passing is the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel. Here you must stop and pay prior to driving through.

When passing an automatic toll collection point without a toll tag a picture is taken of the registration plate of your vehicle. The registration number on the registration plate is checked against the Norwegian Register of Motor Vehicles administered by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The owner of the vehicle is sent an invoice containing information about the passage, the vehicle and the amount owed. The invoice is sent by post without any extra fee. This applies to both Norwegian and foreign vehicles.

Contact a toll road company to get information about rates.

Automatic toll collection points are marked with the symbol:

Vegvisningsskilt 792.30 Helautomatisk bomstasjon som passeres uten å stanse

6th of April 20190all light signals in the AutoPASS facilities were turned off. 

If you have any questions about toll passages or prices, please contact the toll company you have signed an AutoPASS-contract with via Min side.