The use of road tolls to fund road building has a long tradition in Norway. AutoPASS is the Norwegian system for the collection of tolls. It is owned by Statens vegvesen [Norwegian Public Roads Administration].

Most toll collection points in Norway are automated. You pass straight through without stopping. With a valid AutoPASS contract, a discount is conceded by the toll road operator with which you have a contract, and by most other toll facilities in Norway.

The main objective of toll funding is to achieve faster development of road infrastructure. Additionally, funds may be used for other purposes, such as strengthening public transport in cities.

Preliminary figures indicate that there were around 63 different toll projects collecting toll payments at 237 toll stations and nine ferry routes in 2017.

All toll roads in Norway have a toll road operator who is responsible for the financing of the road project. The right to demand payment of toll charges is granted when the toll charge agreement is entered into with Statens vegvesen [Norwegian Public Roads Administration].

Statens vegvesen [Norwegian Public Roads Administration] is the executive authority on behalf of the government and the Storting. The collection of toll charges is regulated and administrated through an agreement between Statens vegvesen, the toll road operator and the customer.  

Statens vegvesen [Norwegian Public Roads Administration] owns the AutoPASS system, i.e. the technical specification, the tags and all the toll road equipment.