Cyclists, pedestrians and passengers in all types of vehicles shall as a main rule not be charged tolls.

The following may apply for exemption from tolls:

  • Uniformed and civilian emergency response vehicles in service
  • Scheduled public transport vehicles (with the exception of certain ferry replacement projects)

At toll rings the following also applies:

  • Mobility impaired drivers (with a parking permit from the municipality) 

All exemption schemes require an electronic tag and a valid tag contract.

Motorcycles and mopeds are exempt from paying tolls at all automatic toll stations. 

Local exemption arrangements may apply in addition to the aforementioned national arrangements. Please get in touch with a toll road operator for more information.

Persons with reduced mobility who have a valid parking permit from the municipality are entitled to exemption from tolls in connection with urban areas. The exemption currently applies in the following places:

  • Askøy
  • Bergen
  • Bodø and rv. 80 Vikan
  • Grenland
  • Førde
  • Haugesund
  • Kristiansand
  • Nord-Jæren
  • Oslo and Bærum
  • Trondheim (only toll roads within "Miljøpakken")
  • Harstad
  • Nedre Glomma and Kråkerøy
  • Nordhordalandspakken

All vehicles that are exempt must install a toll tag

If you are disabled and want exemption from payment, you must apply to the toll road company with which you have an agreement. A copy of the parking permit from the municipality must be enclosed the application. Your agreement with your toll road company  will include an exemption from payment of the aforementioned tolls. The tag is linked to one vehicle and may not be moved between vehicles without amending the agreement. The exemption does not apply to institutions.

The parking permit must be valid for at least two years.

Lovdata: Regulations relating to parking permits for people with reduced mobility (in Norwegian only)