A complaint related to errors in invoices must be submitted in writing to the toll charger. If you have a contract with a toll service provider, this contract governs the relationship between you and the toll charger. The invoicing of individual passages for vehicles without a contract follows from the Regulations relating to the payment of tolls. Disputes between toll service provider and customers are civil disputes and are subject to the Dispute Act’s provisions on mediation and procedure in civil disputes. In these cases the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not the appellate authority.

In cases where the toll charger makes an individual decision, appeals must be submitted in writing to the toll charger. This applies, for example, if the toll service provider has declined an application for exemption from tolls pursuant to the exemption scheme. If your appeal fails, but you wish to sustain the appeal, the next appellate authority is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The toll service provider shall submit the appeal, with its recommendation, to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.