The AutoPASS toll tag may be used at all automatic toll stations in Norway. It may also be used in Denmark and Sweden on ferries and bridges (the EasyGo partnership).

The AutoPASS tag is linked to the registration number of your vehicle. When you order a toll tag, you automatically enter into a main contract with a toll service provider at the same time. You have to pay a NOK 200 deposit. The tag will be sent to you by mail. The tag must be attached to the inside of the front windscreen.

Private contract: You can have two toll tags linked to an AutoPASS contract, but each tag is assigned to a single registration number. In other words, you must have a unique tag for each vehicle and a common contract. If you have more than two vehicles, you must have separate contracts for these.

Company contract: A company contract makes it possible to link several vehicles to one contract; however, there must be a unique on-board unit (tag) in each vehicle. This type of company contract is given to industrial and public transport companies, and is linked to an organization number.

If you no longer need your toll tag, you must terminate your contract with the toll service provider. If you have sold your car, you must also terminate your contract in order for the invoice for future passes to be sent to the new owner. Return the tag to the toll service provider to get your deposit back.

If you have questions related to your toll tag, contact the complany cwith which you have an agreement.

Remember to notify the toll road company that you have an agreement with if:

  • your address changes
    • You can do this on MyPage, or by contacting the company with whom you have an AutoPASS agreement.
  • you sell or replace your car
    • Remember to delete the vehicle from your AutoPASS agreement immediately when selling your car. You can do this on MyPage, or by contacting the company with whom you have an AutoPASS agreement. Also remove the toll payment tag from the vehicle. 
    • If you wish to use the tag and the AutoPASS agreement for a new vehicle, you need to register it on MyPage, or by contacting the company with whom you have an AutoPASS agreement. 
    • We recommend that you make an agreement with the new owner as to who will pay for toll transactions on the day of the sale, so that the matter can be easily settled between yourselves in case the invoice for toll transactions after the time of sale is sent to the previous owner.

Old AutoPASS tags

The tags are from two different manufacturers but function in the same way. These tags will continue to be delivered until the individual toll road companies’ supplies run out.

New AutoPASS tags

The tags are from two different manufacturers (Norbit and Kapsch). They are somewhat different in size and design from the old tags, but work in the same way. 

The toll road companies ensure that new tags are sent out when the old ones need to be changed.

From summer 2014 the new AutoPASS tags will be delivered with a new design and new method of attaching them.

The respective links below show you how to install the old and new types of AutoPASS tag in your vehicle.

The old and the new AutoPASS tags

The tag should be attached to the inside of the windscreen using a bracket which comes with the new tag. If you need a new tag bracket please contact your toll road company.

  • The old type of AutoPASS tag comes with a plastic foot that you attach to the tag.
  • The new type of AutoPASS tag always comes with a bracket consisting of a strong Velcro strip.

Removal of old tag bracket

The old bracket is usually very firmly attached. It requires patience and some time to remove it. It is easiest to leave the old bracket attached to the windscreen. Never use a screwdriver or other metal objects to detach the bracket, as these can damage the windscreen.

Try the following

The bracket must be softened/moistened where it is attached to the screen to facilitate loosening. Normal washing-up liquid or an adhesive solvent may be used. Adhesive solvent is available in a spray can.

Apply the solvent/soap to the windscreen above the bracket, so that it runs down into the adhesive pad behind the bracket. Repeat this several times. Cover the dashboard with a rag or towel to protect it from splatter. Let the agent work for 5-10 minutes before attempting to pull the bracket loose with your fingers, a plastic spatula or another plastic object that cannot damage the windscreen.

If it does not loosen, repeat with more solvent agent/soap and wait for a while. Gradually one edge of the bracket will loosen and you can finally pull it off.

You are only permitted to move the tag if you buy a new vehicle. The tag is linked to the registation number of your vehicle. If you buy a new vehicle, you must report this to your toll service provider so that your agreement can be linked to the new vehicle.

You may otherwise risk being billed for toll passages by the new vehicle owner.

Returning the AutoPASS tag on termination

If you terminate your agreement, you may return the tag to the toll service provider with whom you have the agreement, or in some cases to a distribution point with which the tollcharger has an agreement.

Contact your toll service provider for more information. The deposit for the tag (NOK 200) and any credit remaining on your pre-payment account will be reimbursed to your bank account.

If you choose to discard the tag, it should be treated as environmental waste and taken to a collection point for electronic and electrical waste. 

Returning the AutoPASS tag when replacing your tag

After 5-7 years of use the AutoPASS tag will be replaced because the batteries will gradually cease to work. Your toll service provider will send you a new tag and the necessary information about what to do when replacing your tag.

The two suppliers of new tags have enclosed somewhat different packaging for return of your old tag.  

If you choose not to use the enclosed packaging to return your tag, it should be treated as environmental waste and taken to a collection point for electronic and electrical waste.