Many European countries have implemented toll charges to finance the building and operation of road systems or to reduce traffic queues and pollution in urban areas.

As the use of toll charging systems increases, there is a greater need for coordination in order to make the systems simpler to use and their operation as efficient as possible. This effort is high on the EU’s agenda, and a common standard for electronic payment of toll charges in the Eurozone has been adopted.

In 2007 the three Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark initiated the EasyGo cooperation, meaning that everyone with an electronic tag from one of the cooperating countries could use their own tag as a means of payment at the toll stations in all three countries. During 2013 this cooperation will be extended to include Austria for all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. In order for Scandinavian vehicles to be able to drive in Austria, separate tags are required which will be issued either in Denmark or in Austria. Norway and Sweden cannot currently issue the new EasyGo+ tags.

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You can use the AutoPASS tag for crossings with certain ferry companies and over certain bridges in Denmark and Sweden. Tags (OBEs) from other Service Providers in the European cooperation may also be used in Norway.

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